Staff Editorial: Hear us out


by The Simpsonian, Editorial Staff

Questions remain unanswered about renovations that continue to take place on campus. Simpson’s future remains hazy and the school’s administration (which collectively includes President Marsha Kelliher, Academic Dean John Woell, Vice President for Student Development and Planning Heidi Levine and the Board of Trustees) has not done much to help clarify things. 

Students have no idea what is going to happen in their future and the majority of students would prefer an answer they don’t like instead of not getting an answer at all. 

Pfeiffer Dining Hall remains disposable in future plans, Dunn Library’s completion date has been continually pushed back and talks about Kent Campus Center are apparently exclusive to the privilege of the Board of Trustees.

Communication about renovations has been abysmal and John Woell himself does not particularly care to even attempt to answer questions; going nearly the entirety of the open forum on Jan. 25 without addressing anything and saying, I’m sorry, I’m getting bored,” when he spoke. It’s clear he does not care for the student’s grievances and their worries for the future. 

The past remains equally an issue. Students across campus remain angry about inadequate housing conditions, which include mildew, plumbing and overall antiquated features. It is only a question of when the next pipe will break or a student contracts bronchitis from mold.

Student voices have been dismissed in the past and continue to be. According to Student Government Association minutes from Jan. 18, it is stated that in one of the few meetings between architects and students that students were upset with the plans the architects had, specifically concerning the mailroom and its potential removal. The same minutes state, “they are no longer looking for more student input over decisions,” and, “it is unclear how much student opinions and concerns were taken into consideration by architects.”

In addition to answering the questions students want to hear, administration should be making more appearances in regard to campus life and events. Many students are unfamiliar with the faces of administration, except by their names. 

For example, we know that Woell is the Academic Dean, but his face isn’t regularly seen on campus to the point where you couldn’t pick him out of a crowd, as well as other administrators (except for Kelliher who is easily identifiable by her red coat or dress). Why is it that the students see Kelliher and Levine more than Woell? 

Administration needs to be the face of campus and get to know their student body; not just people with titles and power.

Simpson is being run more like a business than a school, and the sanctity of the relationship between students and administration is on the line. Student concerns need to be heard, addressed and treated with the utmost importance, and that is not the case. Students are paying upwards of $45,000 to have their needs and concerns dismissed.

The Simpsonian stands with the students as a student publication. Students need to understand what is going on and have a voice on their own campus. Administration needs to be present to hear the voice of students.

A petition will be hung in Kent at 9 a.m. on Feb. 16 and we urge all in support to sign. The meaning behind this petition is to show administration the issues students are facing and how they can be better leaders and parts of campus. #RollStorm