New Avett Brothers album explores a new, refreshing style

by Ben Rodgers

The long anticipated Avett Brothers album is finally here. On Sep. 11, the Avett Brothers released their seventh studio album “The Carpenter.”

It’s been three years now since the release of their last studio album “I and Love and You” which was released back in 2009.

The album kicks off with The Once and Future Carpenter, which one may suggest the album gets its namesake. While a lot of lead songs on the album sets the tone for the rest of the album, The Once and Future Carpenter doesn’t necessarily do this. This track may resemble some of the work done by the Avett’s on earlier albums while this album feels like a departure from that.

There are numerous tracks on this album that will stick out and draw listeners in. The first is the second track of the album Live and Die.

Live and Die kicks off with Scott Avett on banjo, one of the few songs on the album that includes this instatement, and vocals with his brother Seth accompanying on the guitar and backing vocals. A lot of people may be able to relate to this song, where you become attracted to someone who has the same similarities as you do.

Another highlighted track is I Never Knew You. This track has a lot of poppy elements to it use of the piano to the lyrics. In the song Scott Avett is singing to an ex-lover. He’s telling her that while she says he would know her now, he replies with the fact that he never knew her anyway.

And of course, every album needs its slow mellow track. This is covered by Winter in My Heart. It’s the classic tale of losing someone and feeling empty afterwards. This track is a great addition to the album to give it more then just the happy, upbeat songs that are featured.

There is no doubt this album is a transition from most of their work. It has certain aspects sound wise that appeared in “I and Love and You” but is definitely distinctive.

With this album it seems they are abandoning some of the some of the acoustic folk and moving toward a pop/indie sound.

While musically this is a very impressive album there are two things missing that could improve the sound of this album.

The first being more banjo from Scott Avett. The banjo is an instrument that you don’t hear a lot in todays modern music and helped give the Avett Brothers a unique sound.

The second is more lead vocals from Seth Avett. While Scott has a very distinctive and enjoyable voice to listen to, Seth Avett provides a very smooth and mellow voice that is easy to listen to.

With this new album you can tell the Avett Brothers are choosing to move towards a newer poppy/indie rock sound. While the older, folky acoustic Avetts were enjoyable to listen to this new album provides a new and exciting sound.