Behind the Athlete: Susan Leslie


by Tyler Crandell

Susan Leslie is a laughter.

If the quotes in this article were to contain all of the giggles and chuckles she provided, it would better show her personality.

Leslie, a senior center defensive mid-fielder for the women’s soccer team, has enjoyed her time here at Simpson, and expresses quite often that through her laughter, she is easily recognizable.

“I love laughing, who doesn’t?” Leslie said. “My laugh is quite noticeable, all of my teammates recognize it right away.”

It would be a challenge for someone to attempt a conversation with her that does not end up with laughing.

In high school, Leslie was just as jolly of a person, but back then, she wasn’t as open with her personality. That played a role in her selection of Simpson College.

“I wanted to go to a small college because I was really shy when I was in high school,” Leslie said. “I thought that a small liberal arts school would be a good fit for me.”

“And I am happy I picked Simpson. I have made life long friendships and it has really helped me branch out and it has given me a lot of good opportunities both in my education and in soccer.”

Leslie said that one of her favorite things about Simpson is all of her friends, a lot of which are on the soccer team.

“I love my teammates,” Leslie said. “We have a great team chemistry and bond, which certainly transfers to our play on the field.”

Recently, Leslie was limited with the amount of help she could provide the team when she suffered an MCL sprain, missing three weeks. She is back now and the knee is feeling like normal, but not without some frustrating weeks stuck on the sideline.

“It was very frustrating not being able to play and help the team, especially if we were struggling at the time,” Leslie said “But it was a quick recovery and I’m able to play again.”

So we know Leslie likes to play soccer, but what else does she do with her time?

“My majors are biology and Spanish. So a lot of the time I am doing work for both of those. And I am going to med school at some point, either next year or the year after. I am also the president of the Spanish club.”

After she gets done with her work for the day, Leslie has to fill her free time with her favorite activities.

“I love biking. Biking and speaking Spanish, those are two of my favorite things to do. I went to Argentina to study abroad for a semester and just loved it. I had such a great experience down there and learned a lot about the people and really improved my Spanish.”

“I also just love hanging out with my friends. It sounds so generic, but I really just enjoy being around them and having fun. I would much rather be with my friends than alone.”

As for goals, Leslie has one for both soccer and life.

“For soccer, my goal is to literally score a goal, or maybe two. And overall I just want to figure out what I want to with my life.”

Whatever it is that Leslie ends up doing with her life, she will be doing it with a laugh.

Whether that laugh is in English or Spanish.