Simpson Athletics debuts new logos to students’ approval


Courtesy of Simpson Athletics

On April 14, Simpson Athletics held a launch party where students, faculty, staff and alumni went to view the new brand for the first time.

by Morgan Flynn, Sports Editor

Ever since Director of Athletics Marty Bell stepped on campus, the athletic department has continuously produced exciting news for the Simpson community. 

Months after Simpson introduced the school’s new mascot, Thunder, in addition to three new sports—the athletic department needed to rebrand.

The rebrand was an eight-month process in conjunction with Summit Athletic Media, an award-winning creative agency based out of Charlotte, N.C. who focuses on keeping up with the ever-changing design industry for athletics.

On April 14, Simpson Athletics held a launch party where students, faculty, staff and alumni went to view the new brand for the first time. 

“We wanted to create something that honors our rich tradition while also signaling the arrival of a bold new era in Simpson Athletics — and I think we’ve done that,” Bell said. “This dynamic look exudes the competitive fire we seek to have across all of our programs, as we continue to grow.”

The updated branding features a lightning bolt, an elephant, a redesigned “SC” logo as well as a new wordmark. However, the updates only apply to athletics at this time.

“Our new look for Athletics is indicative of the fresh energy and game-changing momentum we are establishing all across the college in our academic, athletic and co-curricular endeavors,” President Marsha Kelliher said. “It reflects the forward-looking focus we need to have in creating a distinctive, difference-making educational experience for all of our students.”

The logos will go into full effect next fall on the football field and at both softball and baseball fields. 

Overall, the new brand identity seemed to garner positive student reactions.

Sophomore soccer player Lex Ponce believes the new logo gives Simpson a unique image and will give athletes a new sense of pride.

“I like the new athletic rebrand because coming from the west coast where USC [University of Southern California] has a very similar logo, many people would see me with Simpson athletic gear on and assume I went to USC,” Ponce said. “I love the incorporation of the lightning bolt because it represents how we are the storm and the storm is coming each time a Simpson athletic team is competing.” 

Riley Ericson, a sophomore on the shooting team, thinks the new branding will elevate the college and athletic department.

“It shows that we are focused on moving forward from where we were, and I think it will help bring in more students to the college as people start to recognize us more,” Ericson said.

Merchandise with the new logo is available on Simpson’s Nike Store. From now on, the new branding will be used for promotions and apparel.