Off-campus attraction offers humor for $1

by Cait Conner

Located in West Glen in West Des Moines, the Funny Bone offers college students an escape from the textbooks with College Wednesdays.

College Wednesdays offers college students in the surrounding areas of West Des Moines entrance into the club for only $1. The only requirements are that the student must be 19-years-old or older, have a valid I.D. and have their student I.D. card with them.

The Funny Bone’s Motto is: Keep your table-talk to a minimum and your laughter to a maximum, ensuring all the guests will have a wonderful time at the comedy club. The club also urges no heckling the comedians, otherwise you may be asked to leave.

The Funny Bone has hosted dozens of shows with familiar comedic faces, such as: Dane Cook, Jeff Foxworthy, Drew Carey and Ellen Degeneres as well as unfamiliar faces.

On College Wednesday, students get the opportunity to relax and enjoy the prose from professional comedians that are either breaking their way into the comedic world or have been around for quite some time.

“It’s an affordable way to let out some stress with a good laugh,” junior Blake Billings said.

Not only does the club provide the jokes, but offers an assortment of cuisine. From appetizers that are cleverly named opening acts on the menu, leading all the way to deserts, or standing ovations, at fairly reasonable prices.

A fully loaded bar is also available for those of age. For students that aren’t of age, there are options for them as well, which include: sodas, coffee, iced tea, etc.

“I think it’s a great idea. It’s in the middle of the week and sometimes students need a little pick-me-up to get through to the weekend,” Billings said.

The club itself has a pretty low-key feel about it, with the dim lighting and candles on each table giving the club a very jazz-like ambience. With the set up of the club, there are no bad seats in the house.

Seating is chosen by first come first serve policy, so the earlier your party arrives, the closer you will be seated to the stage.

College Wednesdays are open to any college student each Wednesday for every show except Special Engagement shows which are labeled as such on the website. However be noted, if you bring a group of four or more, you might want to call into the club to reserve seats so your party can be seated together.