“The best show you didn’t come to”

The best show you didnt come to

by Erin Gerken

A scruffy man from Austin, Texas with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a voice took over a transformed Tyler’s Grille on Friday night.

His name is David Ramirez and he played here at Simpson College at the behest of Simpson’s Campus Activities Board (CAB). The Indie-Folk rocker looked like nothing impressive, with his messy hair and jeans, but his voice was capable of producing chills. He played for close to an hour with all but one of the songs he performed being his own.

The crowd he played to was incredibly small, and almost half of the people in attendance were there because they were working, either for food service, CAB or The Simpsonian.

“(It was) the best show you didn’t come to,” junior Andrew Dexter said.

However, the crowd that was there were very respectful and supportive, and seemed to truly understand the talent that Ramirez possesses, which is something he brought up himself.

“You’ve been really kind,” Ramirez said. “You don’t get that everywhere. I appreciate it.”

Freshman Ruth Roberts was one of the few in attendance.

“Personally I loved the show,” Roberts said. “I feel like David sang his heart out and had meaning behind what he was sharing with the crowd.”

The show was actually pushed back a week due to a conflict in his schedule. This resulted in a conflict in scheduling in the Black Box that resulted in the show being held in Tyler’s, but it actually seemed to benefit this show.

“I overheard someone mention that performing in a bar or grill setting like Tyler’s is more of Ramirez’s style so the location was awesome,” Roberts said.

However, that scheduling conflict could also be one of the reasons for the low attendance of the event.

“There was another big campus wide event happening over in the Black Box, so that was competition for any event that was hosted Friday night,” Roberts said.

CAB hopes to bring more musical acts to campus in the future.

“We (CAB) are trying to bring back music,” senior Kirsty Riggert said.