Prettyman making it look pretty in non-conference play

Prettyman making it look pretty in non-conference play

by Billy Weathers

From East High Scarlet to Simpson College standout, sophomore Ashley Prettyman is making a name for herself quite early in her career.

Currently she stands third on the team with 27 hits, with a batting average of .443. She is also third on the team with two homeruns and 19 RBI’s. Not bad for a sophomore taking her first swings this season.

Prettyman hasn’t always been a part of the Storm family. She started out here career at Wayne State in Nebraska. After becoming quite homesick and not feeling 100 percent comfortable with the team, she decided to transfer a littler closer to home.

“I decided to transfer here last summer because it was close to home,” said Prettyman. “Simpson has always been in my top five schools when I was choosing a college, and my best friend Stacie Brown convinced me to come.”

She is currently playing a large roll in the overall success of the Storm Softball program. After performing quite well in Florida, the team now sits at 17-3 and preparing vigorously for conference play.

“I’m very excited to start conference play,” said Prettyman. “Everyone says that our conference is pretty good.”

Now, with such a prestigious and well-respected coach like Henry Christowski, Head Softball Coach at Simpson College, a newcomer can become quite intimidated.

“I got pretty nervous at the beginning of the year,” said Prettyman. “But after being around him so much during the season and seeing how nice of a person he is, I don’t get too nervous anymore.”

With the overall chemistry riding high, and friendships becoming stronger daily, there is no telling how far the ladies will go. The softball program has been known for their winning ways, and they do not expect anything to change this season.

“I really like the girls on the team, they are something else,” said Prettyman. “You never know what kind of crazy things are going to be said or done at practices or games.”

The determination and hard work that was dedicated during the offseason, is clearly paying off. Prettyman expressed how enjoyable it is being around a group of ladies that will do anything it takes to win. The senior leadership that has been shown is something Prettyman really respects and admires.

“Not only are they great leaders off the field, but also on the field,” said Prettyman. “They never give up on their teammates even if they seem to be upset with a certain outcome.”

Hard work is the recipe to most success, and this is a message that is echoed daily to everyone on the team.

“I’m not a big fan of lazy people,” said Prettyman. “And our team seems to be the farthest thing from it.”