March Madness ruining brackets across Simpson campus

by Olu Rotibi

The madness has begun in college basketball with several surprises and a lot of excitement. The NCAA tournament has hurt many brackets all over the nation, including Simpson College students who have also seen their NCAA Final Four selections disappear as well.

Senior Jeremy Reinert was one of many students who fell victim to the upset bug.

“My whole bracket is messed up which sucks”, said Reinert. “Gonzaga didn’t do a whole lot for me since they lost in the first round, but luckily I have Florida, Duke and Indiana still playing.”

Reinert isn’t the only student who hasn’t faired well in the NCAA tournament. Junior

Gabe Hernandez witnessed his whole western region part of the bracket struggle throughout tournament play.

“My final four picks were Kansas, Ohio State, Miami and Indiana,” said Hernandez. “Besides the western region being screwed, the rest of my regions have been solid so far.”

Although very few brackets were not ruined, some Simpson students’ brackets continue to look sharp including junior Ryan Chabal. Chabal has enjoyed the bracket madness thus far especially with how his selections have panned out.

“ I still have seven of my eight Elite Eight teams in the tournament along with all four of my final four picks.” said Chabal. “I’m currently tied for first place right now in pool play, but I can honestly say it’s looking pretty good for me right now.”

So far junior Zach Ripka’s tournament bracket puts him among the best brackets so far compared to others on campus. Being a Duke Blue Devil fan also hasn’t hurt as well.

“My final four looks good right now with Kansas, Duke, Indiana and Ohio State,” said Ripka. “I have seven of my elite 8 still playing and I also have Duke winning it all so I’m still good on that.”

With Florida Gulf Coast shocking the nation and beating Georgetown in the NCAA first round they have also left their mark on everyone’s bracket. Even though they are America’s favorite team, junior Eric Lande had high hopes for Georgetown in the tournament.

“Well Florida Gulf Coast ruined my bracket because I had Georgetown in my final four,” said Lande. “The rest of my bracket isn’t doing too well so the whole tournament has been a disaster.” “The NIT tournament has been the only bright side to all these tournament games thanks to Iowa.”

With all the upsets and three number one seeds advancing to the NCAA sweet sixteen, this years tournament provided many difficulties for students making their selections.

“With all the parody taking place in college basketball this has been the toughest year my bracket has suffered through,” said Lande. “Maybe next season will turn out a little bit better.”

To the remaining brackets left in tact, may the madness continue.