Turquoise Jeep takes the stage

by Brittany Rempe

On more than one occasion, Turquoise Jeep’s singers invited ladies up to the stage.

As member Flynt Flossy told MTV, “Everything is not meant to be understood.”

That’s what happened that evening.

Serenading, lap dancing and the now made famous “twerking” made appearances in the entire performance. Simpson College Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a concert by the infamous Turquoise Jeep. 

The beats making up the hip-hop group included:

  • Flynt Flossy
  • Whatchyamacallit
  • Pretty Raheem
  • Yung Humma
  • Slick Mahony
  • MoonRock and
  • Tummiscratch

They created their own genre of music, EMB (Existing Musical Beings).  They have been growing steadily over the past four years. 

Many of the students at the concert knew Turquoise Jeep’s songs, singing and dancing along with the performance. The most popular video is called “Lemme Smang It,” with over 11 million views on YouTube.  They performed this song and several other songs at the concert Saturday, including “Treat Me Like a Pirate” and “Fried or Fertilized.”

However, that was not the extent of the crowd participation. The students on stage joined in the dancing—after they got over the shock of the singers grinding on them. 

Overall, the concert was very successful. The students enjoyed participating along with the music and seeing their peers interact with the singers.