15 things to look forward to over winter break


by Taylor Miller

1. Playing in the snow:

  • The beautiful and peaceful white snow will be coming to blanket the ground. Get ready to have some fun out in the cold.

2. Building gingerbread houses:

  • It is exciting to make your own little creation out of gingerbread, frosting and all sorts of candy. Whether you eat it or not is up to you.

3. Going sledding:

  • Who doesn’t want to relive their childhood (to those who had snow when they were young) or experience it for the first time? Make sure to go sledding or snowboarding if you get the opportunity. Enjoy the thrill!

4. Realizing the semester is finally over:

  • Students, faculty and administration can look forward to getting that much needed four week break to rest and relax before starting fresh next semester.

5. Going caroling: 

  • Caroling has slowly died out, but is still a time-honored tradition and can be very enjoyable. Gather a group of friends in your community and go caroling door-to-door or at a nursing home.

6. Drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire:

  • You probably love having hot chocolate with marshmallows while warming your toes by an open fire. Make plenty of hot chocolate this winter as a quick and easy beverage. 

7. Seeing family: 

  • Gathering with family that you don’t always get to see and playing games, having fun and enjoying other traditions to make your break lively.

8. Watching Christmas movies: 

  • We all know the best Christmas movies are The Christmas Story, Elf, A Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life and Charlie Brown Christmas, just to name a few. Have some marathons.

9. Decorating the Christmas tree:

  • If you didn’t get a chance to yet, spend some time with your loved ones gathering around the tree to hang all the different ornaments on the big ol’ spruce.

10. Drinking eggnog:

  • Another option for a fun snack is to have a nice creamy glass of eggnog with a slice of pie.

11. Holding snowball fights:

  • Build a fort to defend yourself before anything happens, but have a blast throwing snowballs at one another.

12. Taking time to be grateful:

  • It’s a time for giving and receiving. Remember to care for those in need and be grateful for what you have. Celebrate with love.

13. Getting together with friends:

  • Getting to see the friends who either attend another school in another state or who you just haven’t seen in forever is something to look forward to. Plan some activities ahead of time.

14. Baking Christmas cookies:

  • From decorating to eating, there is nothing better than baking some cookies around Christmastime. Bring on the treats.

15. Celebrating New Year’s Eve:

  • Watch the ball drop and celebrate with all the fun festivities. Make some resolutions and keep them in a safe place to come back to.