The Madness is among us

by Aaron Young

For the next month, dedicated fans and band-wagoners alike will be glued to their television screens and score trackers, making college basketball the No. 1 priority from start to finish. 

I’m talking about March Madness – 64 teams chasing one goal: a national championship. Whether you’ve read up on your team analyses and expert predictions, there really is no telling what to expect during this four-week long non-holiday (am I right, Ali Farokmanesh?)

So sit back, fill out your bracket if you haven’t done so already and enjoy the ride. From the No.1 to No. 16 seed, this year’s tournament will be competitive as ever. Let the triumphs and upsets begin, ladies and gentlemen. 

Infographic: Tweet @SimpAthletics your #FinalFour predictions who you think will win the tournament.