Dance Club moves its way onto campus


by Tabitha Blaser, reporter

Where one dance style is not enough, Dance Club comes in to shake it up. Juniors Annie Collins, Victoria Halloran and Maureen Snook recently established a new club on campus to get people involved with dancing. Dance Club is designed to give students an alternative to a committed sport and be able to let loose and learn some new moves. Every Monday from 8:30-9:30 pm in the Steven Johnson Dance Studio, located next to the cardio room, students can join Collins, Halloran and Snook for some exciting choreography and a good time.

As a previous dancer, Annie Collins searched for a way to stay involved in the sport she loves.

“I would attend dance studios in Des Moines that had adult classes just to be able to have the opportunity to dance and to have fun,” she said, “After doing that for two years, I realized that it wasn’t very feasible as a college student to go to Des Moines once a month, or once a week.”

From there, Collins brought the idea to Halloran and Snook.

“We all got together and thought of a way to have a type of intramural dance club on campus and have that opportunity for other students to be able to reconnect with their love of dancing, but not have to go into dancing with the extra stressors of going to practices every week, getting ready for state competition or even having to worry about performing. We wanted a place where you could go once a week and just have fun and take the stress away from that. “

Every week they meet, they will learn a new style of dance.

“We hit a wide variety of styles. In October we are partnering with Latinos Unidos for a Salsa Night. We have plans for a jazz, ballet, a stretch class, a modern class and burlesque. There are a whole lot of styles in the making for the semester,” Collins said.

Halloran also speaks about the versatility of the class.

“Since we do a different style every week, it gives people the opportunity to try different things. You can be silly and look silly with a group of people and it is so much more fun,” Halloran said.

Not only will people have the chance to let loose with a few dance moves, but students who are interested in choreography are encouraged participate in Dance Club. Collins expresses their goals for the year.

“We are hoping to have a lot of student involvement. It is completely run by students as well as choreographed by students,” Collins said, “If there are students who are interested in choreographing someday, or even being an instructor or coach this is a great way for them to get experience as well.”

Halloran also chimed in by stating that anyone who is interested, has some sort of dance experience and wants to teach should contact her, Collins or Snook. The group also has an email for the club itself which is [email protected]. This is a place for interested students to say who they are, what they would like to do and then the club founders will find a time to meet with them.

Dance Club has been designed for everyone.  

“We don’t care if you are good. We don’t care if you took dance for 20 years of your life and are an all-star, or even if you have never taken a class in your life,” Collins said, “We offer an open dance session for anyone that wants to learn that style for the week and anyone that wants to exercise in a dance form.”