Junior Trent Lindenmen leads on links

by Erich Bogner, sports reporter

Finding ways to relax and take a break from hectic schedules can be a struggle for some college students. Many people will spend a long time looking for something to calm them down. Some watch a TV show of their choice, some listen to music, some work with their hands and some play video games.

Junior accounting major Trent Lindenman uses golf.

“It calms me down. I get to enjoy being outside and being with friends and family,” he said.

Lindenman’s grandfather got him started on golf when he was three years old and from then on he kept playing. When he was older his family started entering him in smaller tournaments and through a lot of playing and encouragement, Lindenman learned to love the sport.

Golf is a huge part of Lindenman’s life. When looking for a college, golf was a requirement for him. It is one of his highest priorities in life, and it turns out he is pretty good at it.

On Sept. 2, the Simpson College men’s golf team competed in their first tournament of the year at Loras College. Simpson’s varsity team placed first and was eight strokes ahead of the JV Simpson team who came in second.

Simpson had seven golfers in the top ten including Lindenman. Lindenman finished the tournament in first by shooting a 74 (two over par).

“It was exciting that I won, but so did the team. We all won,” he said.

Lindenman is also the team captain. This position includes leading practices, making sure everyone knows what to do and ensuring that everyone is going out and practicing. The practices usually consist of going out to the Indianola Country Club and playing with a few teammates after classes are over.

All of the practice is paying off. The JV and varsity teams were the top two finishers in their first tournament, did well in their second and Lindenman thinks they have a chance to be strong contenders for the conference championship this year.

When he’s not golfing on the weekends, Lindenman likes watching golf and his favorite golfer, Tiger Woods, on TV.

Lindenman wants to see where golf will take him after college. He may use it to bond with coworkers and clients or just play on a sunny weekend with friends. He would love to try playing professionally depending on how good his game is when he graduates.

The Simpson men’s golf team will be competing at the Simpson Invitational on Sept. 24 at 10 a.m. at the Indianola Country Club.