David Cook concert rocks end of Homecoming


by Kylee Hereid, reporter

David Cook concluded Simpson College’s Homecoming with a bang Saturday evening when the 2008 American Idol winner performed for students and their families.

Some students sat on a friend’s shoulders to see better or danced along in the front row while others sat with their families in the balcony of the Black Box.

Sophomore Kat Peters arrived early to the show and was among the students cheering and dancing throughout every song.

Peters said, “I thought the concert was amazing! I did not know what to expect, but I was not let down!”

Cook first appeared on the seventh season of American Idol when he auditioned in Omaha, Neb. According to his website, Cook made chart history following Idol by having 14 debuts on Billboard’s Digital Songs chart; a record-breaking achievement gaining him many fans across the nation.

 “I have not heard a lot of his music before, but I am so glad I went. I am a huge fan now,” said Peters.

Cook started the performance off by playing Paper Heart and continued through 13 songs, both old and new, including three of his most popular singles Light On, Come Back To Me and Declaration. 

At one point during the concert, Cook invited audience members to join him on the stage. Two Simpson sophomores, Diana Lichty and Taryn Barz, were among the four chosen fans who ended up dancing in the background as Cook performed.

“I thought he was just going to give us a hug or something,” said Barz. “When he said we were dancing, all I thought was ‘oh no.’”

“Once we tag teamed, we were great,” Lichty said.

Once the song concluded, Cook had the audience vote which of the four members had performed the best, based off the amount of cheering. With a room filled with deafening screams, Lichty and Barz won.

“It was awesome. A dream come true,” Lichty said.

While many students enjoyed the performance, the attendance was, according to Peters, disappointing.

 “We invited David Cook here and, as students who paid for him to come, we should have given him our all. The attendance and the attitude of the audience could have been a lot better,” Peters said.

Those who did attend, however, did not leave disappointed.

Sophomore Brandon Mees was the first person to enter the Black Box, where the concert took place, and the last person to leave.

“This is the second concert I have been to of his, and he always proves to be an amazing talent,” Mees explained.

Mees had the opportunity to meet Cook after the concert. According to Mees, when he asked Cook whether he was tired, the artist responded that he just really wanted to eat a steak after the performance.

“He was really funny, smart, and he makes great music,” said Mees.

Overall, the students who attended were pleased with the performance many agreed Cook was the perfect end to a busy homecoming week.

Before Cook left, he thanked everyone who attended and offered the students some advice.

“I don’t know if there are any musicians here, but I got told no a lot,” Cook said. “I don’t want to say ‘follow your dreams’ because that’s a lame thing to say but go out and do what you love.”