Stuck on Cyber Monday? Shopping tips to keep you on track


The holiday season is all about giving. Unfortunately, it is not all that easy for college students to fund multiple gifts for friends and family. Here are some tips for holiday shopping on a budget:

  • Start simple and make a list. Write down ideas for your parents or your best friend. Find where you can get their gifts. Compare the prices.
  • Get creative. If you’re artistic, use that to your advantage. Get crafty and paint a nice quote on a canvas for your mom. They love that stuff.
  • Don’t be afraid to do some online shopping. Multiple retailers offer free shipping during the holidays, sometimes with no minimum purchase. Check out your stores online to see if they have what you need and save the time and travel and have them do all the work and ship it to your front door.
  • Deals always depend on where you’re shopping and what you’re shopping for. Now that Black Friday has passed, retailers will continue to have deals throughout December. Many stores don’t have room for all of the products after the holidays.

Remember, it is always the thought that counts!