As a sophomore, Isaac Frazier is soaring high

At six foot three, sophomore Isaac Frazier can jump at least three inches higher than his height. On Jan. 16, Frazier won the high jump by jumping 6’ 5.5’’.

Frazier does not only compete in high jump; he is a hurdler, long jumper, triple jumper, will pole vault, throw shot-put and hopes to become a decathlete. All of this comes along with being a defensive end for the Simpson College football team.

“A lot of it is natural ability, but then I have worked on it a lot. I have been jumping since seventh grade, so I have been working on it for a long time,” Frazier said is regards to his high jump abilities. He has been a contender at meets before, but said it felt really good to finally win one.

With his highest recorded jump of 6’ 6.5’’, Frazier has a chance to keep improving and win more, but it is not all about winning for him. Jumping feels natural to him and he enjoys it. He added, “My favorite part about high jumping is just jumping as high as I can. I like to win if I can, but I like the way it feels to be up and get over the bar.”

On top of being a dual sport athlete, Frazier is an economics major and may minor in business management. “I’ve always wanted to be in business, largely because my dad was in business as well. I’ve always liked business and wanted to be a part of it.”      

Frazier’s ending goal is to be a businessman, not a professional athlete. But he is being as athletic as possible along the way, having fun and may even have more victories by the end.