Jill Serafino new head women’s soccer coach

by Brock Borgeson

After months of deliberation, Simpson College finally selected and announced the hiring of new head women’s soccer coach, Jill Serafino, Thursday.

Serafino brings in extensive experience as a coach, with her most recent stint being at Division III, Springfield College in Massachusetts where she served as an assistant coach, going 39-14-10 in three seasons.

Each season Springfield made the NCAA Tournament, a place Serafino wants to get Simpson to in the near future.

Serafino has also coached at the Division II and I levels, serving as an assistant coach for Albany University and Division II, American International University in Springfield.

Apart from coaching, Serafino has experience on the business side of things, working as an administrative assistant for the New England Mutiny of the Women’s Premier Soccer League.

Simpson, who finished 2-16-1 this past season, hopes to receive some of this organized leadership.

“I think we all agree that some discipline, leadership and organization are the three main things that we’d like to have and probably see from Jill,” sophomore defender Lauren Stillman said.

Serafino’s past experience exhibits a great concern for the mental state of the players as well as the coach-player relationship.

While with the New England Mutiny and as a student at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Serafino worked as a mental conditioning coach.

“I think she knows that line between being really personable with the players but knowing that line that I’m your coach. She knows that line between getting along and relating,” Stillman said.

Serafino, a Massachusetts native, will remain out east until March when she makes the full transition to Simpson College.

Stayed tuned for more details in next week’s edition of the Simpsonian.