Coach Serafino sets a new pace: focus, enthusiasm and intensity are required


by Erich Bogner, Sports Reporter

With a record of 2-16-1 last season, Simpson College women’s soccer and their new coach, Jill Serafino, are working hard this spring to make a difference in the wins column next season.

Coach Serafino and the women’s team have been practicing hard this spring, and changes are being made. The idea behind the practices is to focus on one thing every practice. This focus allows the players to know exactly what they are working on and helps them quickly learn the skills and techniques.

Coach Serafino said, “Each practice has had a focus, which I think is going really well. We have also been doing a lot of injury prevention. They have struggled the last couple of years with injuries.”

Last season, half of the team was injured at one point or another. This takes a toll on the chemistry of the team, which is another focus for Serafino this off-season.

Serafino said she has seen the team chemistry increase just through the seven practice sessions this spring. She feels the way the practices are set up lets her players learn more about each other every time they take the field. 

Sophomore Mackenzie Stump said, “Right now we’re working on team chemistry and keeping the practices positive and not letting anything bring us down.”

Coach Serafino likes the girls on her team and the feelings are reciprocated. Junior Kate Morford said, “We really like her. It’s a complete change from the past. She really brings a high intensity level to the team and overall she has great leadership and coaching skills.”

Organization and communication are two major factors for Serafino. Her players say she is very organized and has strong communication skills, telling players what to improve on, how to fix it and why they need to. 

Serafino is really connecting with her team. The players like her coaching style and the intensity she brings during practice sessions. She could be the change the Simpson women’s soccer team needs to be successful and competitive in their conference.