REVIEW: Christopher the Conquered


by Erin Johnson, Staff Reporter

The Dirlam Lounge hosted Christopher Ford, known as Christopher the Conquered, with free coffee last Friday. He began by giving the lounge a lighthearted atmosphere and telling the audience a little bit about himself.

Ford played several songs from his album “The Fate of a Good Man.” His music was piano-based and a few songs could be read as religious or nonreligious. His music was very open-ended.

He was also a master at reading the audience and atmosphere and was quite the conversationalist, being able to charismatically bring a person into his music with him. He would take breaks from his songs when he felt it was too depressing and would bring in a joke or two.

His music seemed to follow a specific theme about how it quite literally is the fate of a good man in that no matter how good a person is, their fate is to be bad as well.

Ford resides in Des Moines and is currently making promotions for a tour.