Baseball players are totally, like, jealous of men’s basketball jerseys


by Erich Bogner, Sports Fashion Columnist

The men’s basketball team are heating up the court with hot new Nike Elite practice uniforms, joining other Storm athletic teams gearing up this year.

With five uniforms varying in gray, yellow, black, red and a possible white, the new jerseys brand a Nike logo with basketball netting on the back with the player’s number. They are reversible and have matching shorts.

“We have our grays that are pretty nice, and our yellows are pretty nice. But we have another jersey that is definitely lower quality than the new ones,” sophomore forward Cody Isabel said.

Baseball players, though, say they’re starting to get a bit jealous.

“It seems like we’re the team that hasn’t had new jerseys yet,” senior pitcher Jalen Sickels said.

The baseball jerseys sport plain red or black with a full button front. An ‘SC’ is located on the upper left chest and the number on the lower right quadrant.

Sickels said he doesn’t recognize which brand the current jerseys are because they are so old.

I’ve heard 2001 is the last time they purchased a new set of jerseys for the baseball team,” he said.

Junior Adam Richman said the jerseys are old, heavy, outdated and fading.

“It’s about time for some new ones,” he said.

The Storm baseball team did, in fact, receive new jerseys last season, but Richman said they were not high-quality. The team, however, is the only Simpson athletic team with camouflage jerseys with matching hats.