14 Ways You Know You’re Absolutely Done With This Semester


by Alex Kirkpatrick, Managing Editor

They say time flies… If that’s the case, college is like an ostrich. Or a dodo. Or a penguin. It’s almost Thanksgiving break, but we can tell you are literally done with this semester. Here’s how:

1. You skip class to do better in another class. Or you skip it altogether and ignore all obligations

2. You’re frequently in that mood where you want to punch everyone in the face


3. Coffee just doesn’t do it. You’re officially immune

4. Neither will the booze. Well, maybe just a little


5. Horror movies aren’t even scary anymore because — well, have you been to college?

6. Sleeping on couches in public is a viable option, and no one judges

7. It literally takes you more than an hour to write the introduction to an essay

8. You blow off your friends to do homework. Then you blow off your homework to do nothing productive

9. Everything seemed to be going well at first. But as it turns out, it’s not

10. Sitting in class and thinking about Christmas break. 

11. Realizing you won’t achieve your desired GPA

12. You are consistently turning in crappy essays, but don’t care enough to revise them

13. Your sense of fashion has hit an all-time low

14. Your bank account is as low as your self-esteem