Women’s basketball team shines in face of adversity


by Hunter Hillygus, Sports Reporter


It’s a word uttered by every coach no matter the sport you play. How do you handle it? How will you respond in the face of it?

Short into the season, the Simpson women’s basketball team has already faced its share of adversity and handled it as well as a team possibly could.

Brittany Hedrick, an all-conference guard, was forced to quit the team due to a nagging injury. Without her, the team has stepped up, receiving contributions from multiple players en route to a 3-3 record and a 2-0 showing at the Simpson Classic.

“It’s next player up,” said head coach Brian Niemuth. “When she (Hedrick) came here, she replaced an all-conference player. That’s just the way sports are. When somebody can’t continue to play, somebody else steps in.”

Perhaps no player has made a bigger impact in Hedrick’s absence than senior guard Maddie Bosworth. The Dowling grad is having a phenomenal start to her final season, averaging a 12.2 points per game on 51 percent shooting, 4.7 rebounds per game and 4.5 assists per game, all career highs.

“She’s played really well,” said Niemuth.

One player can’t be the reason for a team’s success, however. You need contributions across the board. Players that wouldn’t have gotten an opportunity this season needed to be ready, and the players have responded. Seven players for the Storm are currently averaging a career high in points.

“Everyone has got to pick it up a little,” said Niemuth. “I’m really excited to see a few people that will get a chance now and sometimes that’s all people need is an opportunity. You got to move forward, and I’m excited about how the team has responded.”

Niemuth expressed his thanks to Hedrick for the effort and the two years she gave to the program, but is excited about the future and the players he has now.

“We’re thankful for what Brittany gave us, but we’re moving on and seeing what the players here can do and I’m excited about that.