You have permission to move a bit more slowly after a busy couple of days. Take a few moments to find ways to connect with your body and the world around you.


Choose to move boldly, taking strides toward your personal goals while making an impression wherever you go.


Though your peers may wonder why you’ve suddenly gone quiet, taking space for yourself will provide your spirit with time to heal.


Don’t be afraid to reach out for support if you need it. Take time to appreciate the people who ground you. Flexing your social muscles will bring peace.


Approach your day with purpose and make smart decisions that can propel you toward success, even if the steps you take are small. 


You are encouraged to make important decisions around love and reshaping your attitude toward matters of the heart. Open your heart to others but try not to gloss over mistakes from the past.


Implement change, but aim to adopt small habits that will be easy to maintain over time.Support yourself with a consistent wellness routine. 


Allow yourself to lean into the lighter side of life, taking time to appreciate the beauty around you. Nature will be particularly soothing, so be sure to spend a few extra minutes outdoors.


It’s all about tidying up, catching up, and handling all the tasks you’ve been neglecting recently. 


You can elevate your vibes by indulging in all your favorite things and acknowledging the things that make you unique. 


Give yourself permission to relish the golden hours of sunrise, but try not to fall off course with your professional responsibilities and typical routine.


Your focus will sharpen and the power of observation will work in your favor right now. Acknowledge and appreciate the details around you.