Is the sanctity of college football at risk?


by Braeden Graham, Staff Reporter

When I knew Georgia was going to face TCU in the championship game, I thought Georgia would win by two or three touchdowns, or it would be a close game. I have been a Georgia fan my entire life and I never said that I thought they would win a big game beforehand. This time was different.

The BIG 12 is fully known to never have great defenses, but they are usually an offensive powerhouse. I saw nobody that stood a chance really from the first week, I just hoped for a decent game because I love the sport. 

The first quarter began, and Georgia scored within the first five or so minutes. After the kickoff, TCU went four and out. Georgia got the ball back close to the TCU end zone, and Stetson Bennet, the infamous 25-year-old one-time champion quarterback, threw an interception. Of course, they scored and now we have a close game.

But the rest was a massacre. Georgia played their best game of the year, touchdown after touchdown, fourth-down stop after fourth-down stop. There was nothing TCU could even think about doing. 

After the first quarter, TCU didn’t score again. The score ended 65-7, Georgia. Loaded with the most four and five-star athletes in the country. I personally would have liked to see a closer match for the competition side of things. Don’t get me wrong; I have always wished for Georgia to win the National Championship. 

For the sake of college football, I think we need to be watching closer games, especially in the most important game of the year. The NCAA has allowed the rule for players to transfer to big powerhouse schools before the season starts and still play that same year. I also don’t understand how it is possible to keep competition in the sport if we allow millions upon millions to be given to players to be recruited to certain schools. It’s almost like an auction. Who will pay me the most money? It sounds brilliant from the player’s perspective. However, competition is falling lower and lower each year, and this game was a prime example of that.