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SCTV 4/10/2024
by Aaron Wilkins and Sam HyingApril 10, 2024

Spencer Waugh is running for Iowa House District 21 as a Democrat
Spencer Waugh running for office
by Kyle Werner, Managing Editor & Social Media Manager • April 10, 2024

After 13 years at Simpson and 25 years in the education field, Spencer Waugh hopes to add another experience: the representative of Iowa House...

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”: Spoilers Ahead
“Bodies Bodies Bodies”: Spoilers Ahead
by Chloe Peck, News Editor • April 10, 2024

Although it has been two years since the movie's initial release on March 14, 2022, the horror/comedy “Bodies Bodies Bodies” has been trending...

Retraction and update: “After Midnight” review

Caleb Geer

In my previous review of the late-night show “After Midnight”, I stated that comedian Matt Walsh, who was a guest on the show, is “a prominent anti-trans pundit who actively spews misinformation about the trans community.” 

In actuality, Matt Walsh from the show is a prolific actor and comedian who founded an improv group, Upright Citizens Brigade and was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for his role in an HBO series, “Veep”. He has also had roles in “Elf”, “The Hangover” and “Life of the Party”. 

The Matt Walsh I referenced is a columnist for The Daily Wire who produced a transphobic documentary, “What Is a Woman?”. 

I am incredibly sorry for this mistake and recognize I tarnished many readers’ views of the comedian Matt Walsh, Taylor Tomlinson and “After Midnight” in general. It was irresponsible, and I will not make this mistake again. I promise to do further research to ensure the information I release is correct. 

Even during my initial watch of the show, I thought Walsh was hilarious and charismatic. He seems like a lovely man with a quick wit I can only dream of having. During one portion of the show, he had to choose a TikTok to restore Tomlinson’s faith in humanity. He chose an adorable video of a toddler teaching a room about the joy of reading. 

I highly recommend you watch Matt Walsh in this episode and support his work outside this show!

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