Quick, quick, slow


Katie Burns

Latinos Unidos celebrates Latino Heritage Month by offering Latin dance classes.

One and two, three and four. Simpson’s Latinos Unidos is hosting Latin dance classes on campus in support of Latino Heritage Month. 

Tisha Carter-Smith, associate director for multicultural and international affairs, saw this as an opportunity to have students learn dance moves that are easy to learn.

“One thing that I know is easy for many people to latch on to is Latin dancing and hearing the music. Many people like it but do not know how to do it,” Carter-Smith said. “It just seemed like inspiration to have a professional person come and teach Latin dance on campus.”

The salsa instructor, Tallis Strub grew up in the Indianola community and has been dancing since she was a little girl. Her love for dance started with gymnastics and has now growns to so much more Strub now works at the Des Moines Ballroom as a dance instructor in many different dancing categories.

Throughout the class, students enjoyed learning different steps, rhythms, and music they got to experience. First-year Shaymus Luke Santiago-Bedigrew was shocked at how easy he got the hang of the moves and enjoyed having different dance partners.

“My favorite part was switching partners because I got to see different rhythms and feeling from having different partners,” Santiago-Bedigrew said.

Fifth-year senior Sam Van Rossum explained he got great exercise throughout the class session and enjoyed getting into the groove with some of the steps towards the end.

“Once it all came together, my partner and I were able to get the steps down and it just felt good because we just got it going so quick,” Van Rossum said.

Coming into the class, Carter-Smith mentioned that she had a little bit of background in salsa dancing but was excited to learn from a professional instructor.

“I was happy to kind of learn a little bit more formalized steps,” she said. “It was fun getting my body moving and feeling the rhythm again. Getting some of that muscle memory back was fun for me as well.”

When it came to Tallis Strubs instructing throughout the class, Carter-Smith and the participants of the class were pleased with her teaching of the dance. 

“Feeling the exuberance of the people in the room was exciting and with me being an extrovert, I could feel that,” she said. “The instructor was everything I could possibly hope for.”

Santiago-Bedigrew and Van Rossum are both looking forward to the next dance class coming up. “I am super excited, I have already RSVP’d for the upcoming sessions,” Van Rossum said.

Even though there have already been two classes passed, the next Latin dance class will be held in the Amy Robertson Music Center in Madsen Hall Oct. 12 from 6:00pm to 7:20pm. Contact Tisha Carter-Smith for more information.