by Ryan Magalhaes, Staff Reporter

Aries: Remember the past and the lessons you’ve learned. They will serve you well.

Taurus: Remember the past, but don’t let it control you. You don’t have to be who you used to be.

Gemini: Remember the past and how far you’ve come. You’re not perfect yet, but you’re better.

Cancer: Remember the past and the people you’ve known. You crossed paths with them for a reason and you might need them again soon.

Leo: Remember the past and how you got through it. Rough times are like the night, all-consuming but undeniably temporary.

Virgo: Remember the past but look to the future. Nostalgia is nice, but never forget that you have more to accomplish.

Libra: Remember the past without the pain of the present. If you’ve been hurt by someone you love, remember why you love them.

Scorpio: Remember the past and the joys you found. You’ve experienced so much joy from life, so do those things again.

Sagittarius: Remember the past and who built you up. Be grateful to those who love you and help you grow.

Capricorn: Remember the past and the mistakes you’ve made. Avoid repeating them.

Aquarius: Remember the past and those who came before you. Learn from their journey and follow in their footsteps.

Pisces: Remember the past and the endless opportunities you’ve explored. It’s never too late to do something new.