They shoot they score: Shooting team earns national title


Courtesy of Simpson Athletics

The Storm Shooting Team earned a national title in San Antonio.

by Desmond Alexander, Staff Reporter

The Storm Shooting team is now nationally recognized. The team scored a national title in Division 3 Classic All-American at the CUI Clay Target Collegiate Championships in San Antonio, Texas. 

The team took home a combined score of 1327 and won the overall Classical All-American title. 

The team scored 477 in skeet, 476 in trap and 374 in sporting clays.

The Storm shooting team performed well with slim struggles this year at Nationals. Junior Wyatt Heisterkamp, who has been with the shooting team for two years, gave insight into how the team could improve the next year and upcoming seasons to follow. 

“The team was performing well in skeet and sporting clays, but our trap game lacked some days,” Heisterkamp said. “It has been our goal for the latter half of our fall and all of our spring semester to dial in our trap scores.”

Heisterkamp, a junior who plans to be a fifth-year student, said the team has been on a tough road to getting back on track, especially during the 2020-2021 school year. Heisterkamp mentioned how the support from Coach Dan Martin and the whole team has been a big reason why everyone still enjoys the sport. 

“I joined Simpson Shooting Sports because I enjoy the game but most of all the people. When I first met Coach Martin, I knew I would have more than just a coach, but a lifelong friend and mentor. The same goes for everyone on the team,” Heisterkamp said. 

The team’s support for one another has shown to be a big reason for them to stay together. Heisterkamp mentioned how every member is supportive of one another on and off the field. 

“It’s this culture of love and support which allows us to have so much fun and success and ultimately keeps me in this great program,” Heisterkamp said. 

Although the team was given limited competition last year due to COVID-19, they did everything they could to improve their game.  The shooting team is more consistently expensive compared to other sports around campus. Ammunition cannot be reused after each season like a baseball bat or football helmet, making the sport a financial dedication. With practice fields being off-campus, transportation costs can add up quickly. 

“We worked hard on our Skeet and Sporting Clay shooting by practicing on the simulator and at New Pioneer Gun Club,” Heisterkamp said. “We showed a lot of growth in our ability to read targets, show perseverance in adverse conditions, and develop better pre-shot routines.”

It looks as if the work has paid off as many shooters competed well. Storm shooters placed in shoots and several individual awards were earned.