Horoscopes: April 7-14

Horoscopes: April 7-14

by Reagan Hoffman, Staff Reporter

Aries: It is time for you to start fresh. Prioritize the people in your life that want to be around you and you will find your friendships deepening.

Taurus: Stop stressing about your future so much. Everything will work out and your future will fall into place soon. 

Gemini: Stop letting fear hold you back. You have lots of potential and will accomplish what you put your mind to. 

Cancer: You are a very busy individual. Set some time aside this week to relax and take a break.

Leo: Not sure which direction to go? Use this week to listen to what others think. It may open your mind to new ideas.

Virgo: Spend time with the people that understand you. Take the time to connect with them and don’t abandon them. 

Libra: Take this week to focus on yourself. You do not have to prioritize others, take some time to prioritize yourself.

Scorpio: This week should be about positive thoughts. Stop thinking negatively about yourself and focus on the positive. 

Sagittarius: You feel the need to accomplish a lot this week. But don’t forget to take the time to relax.

Capricorn: You do not always have to be professional. Take this week to have some fun with your friends.

Aquarius: Use this week to finish up projects that you have put on the back burner. You will feel more accomplished when they are finished.

Pisces: Use this week to think about your future. Where do you see yourself? Address any fears you have.