Senior Spotlight: Doupnik’s success in many facets

by Kyle Werner, Staff Writer

Kylie Doupnik, a double major in political science and accounting with a minor in management from Harvard, Neb., looks back on their last four years on campus and the success their studies and experiences have set up for them in the coming years.

“I have met people at Simpson who are my best friends and biggest supporters,” Doupnik said.“I’ve been so lucky to have great people in my corner to cheer me on and give me any and all help I need.”

Doupnik said they credit Simpson with fostering this support and making the connections that allowed them to be as involved with campus organizations to the extent that they are.

“Primarily, I’ve worked with the Culver Center, Andrew Goodman Foundation and Speech and Debate,” Doupnik said. “I’ve been an Andrew Goodman Ambassador for two and a half years working to share voting information with Simpson students.” 

Being involved with these organizations has proven successful, with Simpson taking home the overall championship of the Pi Kappa Delta National (PKD) Tournament. Being nationally recognized, Doupnik brought home several awards, including the PKD All American award, Excellence in Prose Interpretation, Program of Oral Interpretation and Communication Analysis.

Though success reigned in the last four years of Dounik’s college career, it had not always seemed as though it were written in the cards.

Doupnik would say to peers and incoming students to make the most of what is available.

I think that the most important thing to remember as a college student is that resources are there for a reason,” Doupnik said. “There is absolutely no shame in asking for help or accommodations.”

To their freshman self, Doupnik provides a reminder that has set them up for the success they now have. 

“As a person who grew into several identities in college (queer, autistic, non-binary, disabled), I would tell my freshman self that developing yourself is the most important part of college. It is so important to not only respect yourself but also to demand that respect from others.” 

After graduation, they will be traveling abroad to Greece as part of the Foundations of Democracy May Term, which will be among the first abroad May Terms since the pandemic hit. 

“When I get back, I’ll be moving to Des Moines and starting a job at the Iowa Department of Revenue as a Revenue Examiner II,” they said. 

Seeing success both during their years at Simpson, and the following years working for the State, Doupnik is excited to experience the next steps of their success.