Horoscopes: March 31-April 7

Horoscopes: March 31-April 7

by Morgan Flynn, Sports Editor

Aries – Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and use those thoughts to get what you want.

Taurus – Try to avoid chaos and revisit your goals or visions. 

Gemini- You’ve been working hard towards your goals. Keep going and good things will happen soon. 

Cancer- Be confident in your abilities and look for new and exciting opportunities. 

Leo- You have prioritized others lately. Make sure to prioritize yourself. 

Virgo- Look at your relationships, not just with people, but with money, time, etc., and start April with a clean slate.

Libra- This is the time to put the past behind you and look for relationships as you are feeling extra confident. 

Scorpio-  While you’ve been feeling unmotivated lately, that is going to change. Doors will be opening and closing this week. 

Sagittarius- It’s time to have some fun. Do what makes you happy and what you wish for in life.

Capricorn-  Treat yourself as you have forgotten to take care of your own needs and deserve a reward.

Aquarius- Make sure to set boundaries with other people so you can communicate in a more effective manner.

Pisces- It may no longer be St. Patrick’s Day, but you are going to have some luck this week.