Senior Spotlight: Maxie Saceda-Hurt swings through her senior year


Cassie Nash

“The minute I stepped foot on campus, everyone was very welcoming and I felt like I had the potential to grow here,” Saceda-Hurt said.

by Cassie Nash, Staff Writer

Maxie Saceda-Hurt is from Juneau, Alaska and is majoring in health and exercise science with minors in psychology and biology. When asked about her favorite professors, she stuck with ones within her major.

“I will have to be biased and say my favorite professors are the sport sciences majors – Cal Busby, Katie Smith and Nicci Whalen,” Saceda-Hurt said.

All bias aside, she had to give a special shout-out for where she spends time elsewhere.

“But I do love to eat candy in Adam Brustkern’s office,” Saceda-Hurt said.

Saceda-Hurt is also involved in athletics as a member of the softball team. Her position is shortstop. COVID-19 took away her sophomore season in 2020, but she helped the team to a 16-18 record during the 2021 season. So far this spring, she is involved in helping the team to a current 12-5 record.

There are 22 games left in their season before the conference tournament. During her final year of playing, she has a couple of goals she is wanting to reach. Individually, she wants to help prepare the underclassmen and current juniors for next year.

“Our team got super close super quick this year and, being a leader to some of the underclassmen, I want to make sure that they are well prepared for their remaining years to come,” Saceda-Hurt said.

She wants to use the closeness of the team to maximize performance on the field. The team chemistry they have should benefit them.

“The seven seniors are pretty close as friends off the field, but as we have seen when we play together, we are phenomenal,” Saceda-Hurt said.

Making sure that their team chemistry shines this year as well as continues through to younger generations is her goal.

Saceda-Hurt said the small and close-knit community was the main reason she chose to come to Simpson. The small community aspect made her feel like she would be a good fit.

“The minute I stepped foot on campus, everyone was very welcoming and I felt like I had the potential to grow here,” Saceda-Hurt said.

She provided some advice that she would give to her younger self if given the chance.

“Cherish every moment you can and don’t take anything for granted,” Saceda-Hurt said.

She also gave a piece of advice for incoming freshmen. 

“Academics are important but the best is when you can have fun too,” she said.

She loves being able to watch other sports teams that are competing.

“I would have to say my favorite Simpson event would be any athletic event,” Saceda-Hurt said. “It’s always fun to get a group of people to support your friends that are playing,”

Being able to socialize with friends plays a key part in her favorite memories at Simpson.

“My favorite Simpson memory is meeting everyone that I have that has come and gone through my years here,” Saceda-Hurt said.

With graduation just around the corner, she plans to attend the University of Northern Iowa in the summer for graduate school in athletic training.