Horoscopes March 3-10

Horoscopes March 3-10

by Max Bertrand, Staff Reporter

Aries: It’s not a bad idea to disconnect from social media this week. Enjoy your favorite comfort food. 

Taurus: You have the energy to spare right now. Entertain some close friends. 

Gemini: Leave your house today and explore. Get your work done early and use the rest of the day to scout around. 

Cancer: Ask a friend to join you in the park. Enjoy the outdoors, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Leo: New challenges at work may come your way. Self-confidence may feel low, but don’t let this stop you.

Virgo: Be wary of helping out loved ones with financial loans. Sometimes helping them strategize is a better move. 

Libra: You may be worried about money setbacks. An outside source may provide funds to tie you over. 

Scorpio: Job setbacks may have you depressed and worried. Scorpio, you will overcome this challenge. 

Sagittarius: Strong beliefs may be challenged through social media. Sagittarius, your curiosity will win. 

Capricorn: Tasks may come to a standstill this week. Know that this is beyond your power and control.

Aquarius: Dreams you may have been manifesting may come your way today. Accept them and the process that got you there.

Pisces: Don’t beat yourself up this week. There is only so much you have control over.