by Caleb Geer, Copy Editor

Aries: Midterms are here and it is time to prove why you are here. Your effort and hard work will be rewarded this week.

Taurus: Be sure to make time for your mental sanctity this week. Whether it be a movie, music or something else: you deserve it.

Gemini: Let your other side show this week and be proud of it. Further discovery of yourself is on the horizon. Explore yourself.

Cancer: Make a point to have others know your love. Your love is powerful enough that it can change someone’s day or even their life.

Leo: Do not be afraid to be proud of your achievements this week. Let everyone know what you have accomplished.

Virgo: Do not set your goals too high this week as disappointment will be the only outcome. Perfection should not be your expectation.

Libra: Be confident with each choice you make this week. The time you waste in indecision will be better used elsewhere.

Scorpio: Be careful with what you say this week. You were given two ears, but only one mouth. Make sure to listen to others.

Sagittarius: Try taking a walk this week to clear your mind. You will likely find that it puts you in a better place than where you are now.

Capricorn: Do not take this week too seriously. Stressing less will allow you to reach a higher potential.

Aquarius: The past will lead you to your future. Do not jump into choices without consulting your past.

Pisces: Focus will be key this week. You must pull yourself together for midterms or suffer the consequences.