by Regan Freland, Staff Writer

Aries: Some self-care will do you a world of good as you bond with the people you love. 

Taurus: You could start the week feeling a little restless, Taurus. With the moon in your communication zone, it’s an ideal time to hang out with your siblings and friends and have a good, emotional talk.

Gemini: If you’ve been feeling extra emotional, you might want to self-soothe with a little retail therapy. 

Cancer: While your ruling planet is here, this can still be an emotional time for you in which you might need some extra attention from your loved ones. If you’re not getting the attention you crave, don’t lash out. Instead, find a healthy outlet to express your feelings.

Leo: The moon is in your subconscious zone, so spend the night getting in touch with your feelings and doing some deep emotional healing. Allow yourself some privacy, Leo. You don’t have to be on all the time.

Virgo: The moon is in your social zone, encouraging you to get together with buddies to catch up. You could use a good venting session, Virgo.

Libra: The moon is in your career zone, bringing the possibility of the praise and recognition you deserve. Get out the tissues, Libra. It’s going to get emotional!

Scorpio: With the moon in your expansion zone, you’ll feel extra sensitive when your long-held beliefs are tested. Don’t lash out when someone is trying to help you see another point of view. You don’t always have to be right, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: The moon is in your intimacy zone, encouraging you to discover what you want from others and what you’re willing to give in return. Settle your emotional debts, Sagittarius, and ask for help if you need it.

Capricorn: Balancing your own needs with the needs of others can be tricky, but it will help you develop a connection with the people who truly matter to you. Put your ego aside and compromise.

Aquarius: Use the lunar energy to make some positive changes to your life and restart your New Year’s resolutions if you need to (no one will know).

Pisces: With the moon in your pleasure zone, finish up any creative projects you’ve been working on. Show the world just how talented you are, Pisces.