Senior Spotlight: Terrhyn Jacoby: Finding passion in football

by Regan Freland, Staff Reporter

Senior Terrhyn Jacoby finds himself spending lots of time involved with football and friendships on campus. 

Jacoby is from Kalona, Iowa and is double majoring in sports administration and coaching with a minor in criminal justice. 

Jacoby said that he chose Simpson because of the football coaches and the environment they have created. 

“When I talked to the football coaches, I knew this was the place I wanted to be,” Jacoby said.

Simpson Football had a big impact on Jacoby’s life, so much so that he wants to coach a college football team one day. 

Jacoby is a corner for the Storm’s football team. Due to an injury this season, he was only able to play in four games. Jacoby still has two more years of eligibility. 

Jacoby had several words of advice for not only himself as a first-year but for current underclassmen. 

“Enjoy the little things because these will be the best moments of your life,” Jacoby said. 

As for advice he would give underclassmen, Jacoby recommends everyone get involved and make as many friends as they can. 

“Keep in touch with them over breaks and in the future,” Jacoby said. 

During his time at Simpson, Jacoby made so many great memories that he struggled to narrow it down to a favorite; however, his time playing for the Storm’s football team has produced many of his most cherished memories.