Students adapt to new log-in system

Simpson College has now enabled a one-login feature, something some students are struggling to utilize.

Max Bertrand

Simpson College has now enabled a one-login feature, something some students are struggling to utilize.

by Max Bertrand, Staff Writer

As students returned to Simpson from break and began checking their computers, many were surprised to learn that the school changed the log-in system. 

A year ago, faculty started using multi-factor authentication via Office 365, but students did not have access to this authentication system. Lynne Jenson, director of informational services, said it was necessary for both faculty and students to utilize Office 365 authentication to make the systems safer. 

“To make our systems as secure as possible, we want everyone to have multi-factor authentication,” Jenson said. 

Simpson College has been looking into different tools like OneLogin for around three years. In the past year, there has been an emphasis on cyber security, which led to the school utilizing a budget to get OneLogin put in place. 

Jenson added that the cyber incident last April on campus was a major factor in deciding whether to purchase the new log-in system.

“We’ve been looking for about three years to get multi-factor authentication,” Jenson said. “Everything that’s been going on in the world, with different types of cyber security events, is a motive, motivational as well as in order for us to renew our cyber security insurance.”

Jenson went on to say that the school thought about implementing the new log-in system change during summer classes but worried about losing the attention of students. Overall, the decision was to implement the change before the second semester. 

The prior log-in system required users to log into software separately. What makes OneLogin unique is that students can log into one application and not use their credentials for another. 

Jenson hopes that students stop saving their passwords on their computers. 

Jenson said that if a student’s computer with stored passwords becomes compromised this would ultimately give the individual all the information to all of that student’s accounts. 

During the initial switch, the IT department has been working hard at communicating with external vendors and making sure that anyone who may have questions or problems is getting the help they need as soon as possible. One drawback would be individuals who may not have a smartphone may encounter problems. Smartphones work well with the new log-in system and can even send your verification code to get logged in. 

Many students have had contact with the new log-in system, and many are still struggling to get everything working correctly. 

Senior Tatum Tremain is critical of the new system.

“I’m not a huge fan of the new log-in system. It’s just an extra step to go into our student accounts,” Tremain said. 

When using the new system for the first few days, it would take her to a blank screen. Then when she began to change her old log-in to the new one, she had to call IT several times to get the problem fixed.

Senior Courtney Reyna said she also had to deal with problems with the new log-in system. 

“I have not been able to get onto Moodle yet because of it, so it’s pretty frustrating,” Reyna said.Anyone experiencing issues with the new login system is encouraged to contact IT at 515-961-1411 or at help[email protected].