This week’s horoscopes

This weeks horoscopes

by Max Bertrand, Staff Reporter

Aries: You may be getting a rush of energy in your education, travel and the beliefs you hold. Be open to resetting your perspective. 

Taurus: Sacrifice your defenses, Taurus, to dig deeper. Love will always require the element of risk. 

Gemini: Opportunities are emerging towards you this week. Be willing to lean into alterations. 

Cancer: The new moon solar eclipse arrives this week, bringing good change to your current job. 

Leo: Focus on your creative projects this week. This month will bring good opportunities and potential. 

Virgo: Kick this week off with a good burst of energy. Lean into your brand new story this week. 

Libra: Lean into this week’s cosmic energy. Think about where to direct this cosmic energy – maybe towards a new perception. 

Scorpio: You have been discovering new talents this year. Be open to new opportunities to express your new skills. 

Sagittarius: Individuality and identity are on your mind. Try to stand in the center stage this week. 

Capricorn: Release any self-created blockages this week. You may also have some tricky weeks ahead of you. 

Aquarius: This week contains profound changes and new opportunities. Follow your dreams and take some risks. 

Pisces: Opportunities surrounding your career may come your way. Follow the path that beckons you.