by Morgan Parrish, Staff Writer

Aries: You have a lot of internal energy you need to put to use. Let this energy surge out by participating in an intense workout.

Taurus: Motivation is in your favor this week. Use this increase of motivation to catch up on your to-do list and homework. 

Gemini: You may be feeling slightly overwhelmed this week. Take a moment to relax, clear your mind and have some much-needed alone time. 

Cancer: You could be feeling aggressive and impatient this week. Take some time to let your built-up aggression out by hitting the gym or playing a sport.

Leo: This week may seem relaxed, but next week will be busy. Use some free time to get a head start on next week’s responsibilities. 

Virgo: You may start to feel daring and risky this week. Express these feelings by trying something new.

Libra: You may feel detached and distant from people this week. Tell your loved ones that you may need some space and use that space to connect with your thoughts and feelings.

Scorpio: You may be feeling helpful this week. Use this to help a friend or family member who may be struggling lately. 

Sagittarius: You may have been mad lately, but you don’t know why. Focus on things that make you happy and avoid getting caught up in the gloom. 

Capricorn: You may be easily irritated this week. Do your best not to lash out. Go for a long walk and try to figure out the reason behind your irritability.

Aquarius: This week will bring you happiness. You may accomplish something challenging or be surprised by something that brings you joy. Take in this happiness and enjoy it!

Pisces: You feel a little ill this week, and it may be hard to complete your daily tasks. Use time management skills and make sure you get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods.