Senior Spotlight: Gabby Schroud

by Reagan Hoffman, Staff Reporter

Senior Gabby Schroud is a double major in elementary education and Spanish. Schroud is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Shroud said she wanted a smaller school and looked at a lot of them. 

“It was really the community aspect that made me choose Simpson where you can tell that the students want to be on campus and that everyone gets to know everyone,” Schroud said.

One fun fact about Schroud is before coming to college she took a gap year where she was an exchange student in Mexico.

Schroud is involved in lots of activities on campus, which keep her schedule busy.

“I am in Greek life as a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am a student ambassador, Upward Bound tutor and mentor, co-director of Stormathon, and in Active Minds. I kind of join clubs willy-nilly, but those are the main ones I participate in,” Schroud said.

Schroud said her three favorite memories from Simpson consist of dancing and getting to be around all of her friends. 

“I always like Greek Week and all of the competitions, specifically lip syncing. I just think it is so fun. I also really love the homecoming events like Dance Like Hell and Yell Like Hell where we all get together to hang out. Also, our sororities recruitment and formal. I really just enjoy any event that includes dancing and getting to be around my friends,” Schroud said. 

Schroud said that her favorite professor on campus is Barb Ramos, who has helped her throughout the years. 

“She is always there for anything. I have gone to Barb for personal stuff and academic things. She is a very calming and nice person, she is just a great person to be around,” Schroud said.  

Her favorite spot on campus is the Pfeiffer Dining Hall. 

“People hate it a lot, but I like Pfeiffer because I eat there twice a day and it is just a place where you can go and sit down with your friends. Where I feel like Kent [Kent Campus Center] is just a place where you are always up and moving around,” she said. 

After Simpson, Schroud says she plans on staying in the area and getting right into the career field.

“I plan to apply for teaching jobs in the Des Moines area, hopefully, get accepted and live around the suburb parts of Des Moines. I think the city would be a little stressful for me,” Schroud said.