Horoscopes: Nov. 11-18

Horoscopes: Nov. 11-18

by Morgan Flynn, Sports Editor

Aries – You may feel overwhelmed by your everyday tasks. Keep in mind what you’re doing is strengthening your future whether it be personally or professionally.

Taurus – Don’t be afraid to be bold. Try new things and maybe even new relationships.

Gemini- Stop self-sabotaging and take a look at all the great work you’re doing. 

Cancer- Make sure to take a look at your spending habits and plan for upcoming holiday expenses.

Leo- Take a look at your relationships and make sure to set boundaries to avoid emotional or uncomfortable situations.

Virgo- Get creative. It’s time for you to start decorating and planning for the holidays! 

Libra- You may be faced with a reality check. Understand that you need positive influences in your corner.

Scorpio- Everything seems to be coming at you fast. You don’t need to be perfect or have everything figured out at the moment.

Sagittarius- Communication is key this week. Make sure you are open and honest with those around you. 

Capricorn- Try to talk things out before cutting someone off, even if it’s uncomfortable.  

Aquarius- You’re feeling ambitious about career or leadership opportunities. Talk to a mentor or someone you trust to make a road map to success.

Pisces- Pay close attention to your reactions, posts, and energy. Don’t do anything that may come back to bite you later.