Horoscopes: Nov. 4-11

Horoscopes: Nov. 4-11

by Chris Miller, Staff Reporter

Aries: You are passionate about many things. This week, however, try to put your energy into one hobby or activity you enjoy. Great things are awaiting. 

Taurus: Just go for it; try to come out of your comfort zone and see what happens. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Gemini: Stop taking your work so seriously this week and instead watch some tv shows to ease your mind. A couple of Netflix episodes will allow your creative juices to flow and become more productive later.

Cancer: You may be feeling a bit unsatisfied with your current relationship. Try not to get angry and show your frustration but rather wait another week and see if things get better. Patience is key.

Leo: Being a Leo, you have a big heart. Share your love in the form of compliments. One small compliment can change someone’s day from bad to good. 

Virgo: Being well organized is something you’re good at. So clearing a spot open for the gym should be manageable. Use the gym as a way to jump-start your week and see the benefits follow.

Libra: You are constantly putting others before yourself – this week, that changes. Put yourself first and take care of your needs. It’s OK to be a little selfish. 

Scorpio: A new moon is here. Use this as a reason to get a fresh new start on that goal you always wanted to accomplish. 

Sagittarius: This week will present challenging temptations for you. Stay true to who you are by being optimistic, and good things will follow.

Capricorn: You are doing a great job. Stop being too hard on yourself and step back to look at how far you’ve come. You will see a much-improved person. 

Aquarius: This week will be a great week financially for you. Stay focused on your grind, and new opportunities will show up. Don’t be surprised if some unexpected money comes your way. 

Pisces: You are stressing way too much; you need to give yourself some credit for all the hard work you have accomplished and take it a bit easier this week. You will thank yourself later for this.