New nurse practitioner can prescribe and treat ailments on campus

by Max Bertrand, Staff Reporter

Simpson College has its first nurse practitioner – Michelle Collette.

Collette has been a healthcare worker for over 20 years. Her career first began at Lutheran Hospital in 1999.

Compared to other places Collette has worked, Collette believes Simpson wants their students to succeed and be healthy. Collette said that Simpson is committed to keeping a healthy student body, while also making sure that students have all the available resources they need.

Collette said she believes that COVID-19 is the most challenging obstacle in the healthcare industry during today’s climate. 

“We see less people working in the healthcare arena due to COVID-19. We’re seeing patients that are more sick due to COVID-19. We see supply chain issues due to COVID-19,” Collette said.  

Collette started in August and has already seen multiple rounds of students. She is the only nurse on campus who can prescribe medications to students, making it easier for students who may have difficulty with transportation. 

Collette believes that it also benefits students who try to get care at other facilities like emergency rooms and clinics that may be flooded and understaffed due to the pandemic. 

“They are able to seek care here on campus. I am able to get the prescription usually called in at Hy-Vee or Walgreens across the street,” Collette said. 

Collette said that students are not just getting care faster but treatment faster. 

Any typical day for Collette could be booked solid. Sometimes she may only see ten patients in a day, or she may be administering COVID-19 tests on other days. Days frequently vary with her line of work. 

Collette also occasionally works in an emergency room capacity and also as a forensic nurse. 

If students need medical attention, please email health services at [email protected]. Or give health services call at 515-961-1711.