Horoscopes: Oct. 21-28

Horoscopes: Oct. 21-28

by Reagan Hoffman, Staff Writer

Aries:  Relax, you will get your homework done and pass that test. 

Taurus:  You need to stop being lazy, get your assignments done. 

Gemini:  Give your brain a rest and don’t look at the little details, think of the bigger picture.

Cancer: Voice your opinion, because it matters. 

Leo: Listen to what others have to say, it may give you a new perspective on the matter.

Virgo:  Not everything is going to turn out perfect and that is okay.

Libra: Focus on your own happiness and self-care. Everyone else will be okay. 

Scorpio:  Your birthday will be coming up soon, relax and let loose. 

Sagittarius:  You don’t have to do everything yourself, open up to others and let them help.

Capricorn: Stop being so hard on yourself, everything will work out the way it should. 

 Aquarius: Take a breather and put your needs first.

 Pisces: Open up to your friends or family they may be able to help. You do not have to solve everything on your own.