LeMay serves a successful senior volleyball season

Three-time letterwinner Megan LeMay is a senior at Simpson College majoring in biochemistry and criminal justice.

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Three-time letterwinner Megan LeMay is a senior at Simpson College majoring in biochemistry and criminal justice.

by Paige O’Connor, Special to The Simpsonian

Megan LeMay slams into her senior year as an excelling volleyball player while working towards a double major. 

LeMay scored 11 times with 13 total attempts during the Storm volleyball team’s competition against Nebraska Wesleyan on Sept. 21. Her kill percentage was the highest on the team scoring at .846. 

“It was the best game of my career,” LeMay said.

She began playing volleyball when she was four-years-old and climbed her way up, competing on varsity teams in high school and college. With 18 years of experience, LeMay has received three letters from Simpson and is working for her fourth. 

“I love volleyball,” LeMay said. “But it also allows me to really connect and bond more with my friends.”

LeMay wanted a college close to home, which allowed her to play volleyball and pursue a career in forensics. Simpson College offered everything and became a second home to her. 

“A bonus was that the campus was so beautiful, and the people I met on my tours were so nice,” LeMay said. 

Sports play a big part in LeMay’s life, particularly volleyball. 

“It’s a fun sport that allows me to take my mind off of my stressors,” LeMay said. 

She plays as a middle blocker and hitter on the Storm volleyball team. LeMay values her position on the team and strives to have a successful volleyball career at Simpson. 

“You can’t be thinking too far ahead, or you’ll miss the play that is just happening,” LeMay said.  

LeMay grew up in Oakdale, Minn. graduating from Tartan High School. Her parents have always supported her through her life, especially her father. 

LeMay’s biggest role model growing up was her dad, Mark. 

“He was the one I turned to for advice in school and life,” LeMay said. “He’s been my coach, my friend and my rock.” 

LeMay said her dad’s tough love and support helped her every step of the way. 

“When I need him, he’s always been there, and even if he goes a little overboard about job applications, or my sports, I know he only does it because he loves me.”

During her time at Simpson, LeMay appreciates the support from her professors. 

“I have gone to each of them for help in classes, for life advice, or just to small-talk with them,” LeMay said. “They have gotten me through some pretty difficult times here at Simpson, and I just want to say thank you to them. Without their help, I might have left Simpson or even dropped my lifelong dream.”

While she spends the most time in Carver Hall for science classes, LeMay also enjoys participating in campus-wide events, her two favorites being bingo and the science department’s Halloween costume contest. She had quite the show her first year. 

“[Professor] Ryan Rehmeier dressed up as Post Malone, complete with the ‘ink’ on his face,” LeMay said. “He taught the whole class as a rapper, and we even got to hear a few bars from him.”

After graduation LeMay hopes to follow her dreams and use her science degrees. She hopes to work at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) in Minnesota or at a crime lab in the United States. 

LeMay reflected on the person she has grown to be while at Simpson. If given the chance, she would go back and tell her first-year self this: “It will be hard. There will be plenty of times where you will struggle and think about giving up, but you can do this. You don’t have to stay up past three to get that assignment done. Your body and mind need sleep and fuel to continue, so staying up late is not a necessity. Just relax and you can do it.”