Women’s Soccer enters the regional rankings


Morgan Flynn

Cassie Nash breaks away from a defender to score a goal against Monmouth College.

by Bailey Earls, Layout Editor

On September 14th it was announced that the Simpson Women’s soccer team is ranked 10th in the United Soccer Coaches Region IX Poll.
They currently hold a three-week streak with this title. Out of the 10 games they have had so far Simpson is 6-3-1.
“I think it’s pretty awesome. When I came in my freshman year, we were picked eight out of nine to finish in the conference … then we got tied for 3rd.” Junior Abby Cozzoni (defense) said.
In the following years the team continued to be underestimated but they proceeded to prove the rankings wrong. Cozzoni continues, “This year they really underestimated us again and I feel like it’s just proving to everyone that we’re a real team now and we’re not just a joke.”
The United Soccer Coaches Convention is when coaches in the Midwest region get together and vote where they think the teams are at.
Simpson rivals, Loras and Wartburg are 1st and 2nd in the rank. In the past Simpson has lost to Wartburg and Loras but by a slim margin.
Some goals include, “Beating Loras or Wartburg, those are the two opponents we failed to [beat] last year.” Junior Baylee Ratliff (defender) said.
“I feel like realistically beating one of those teams would be a huge accomplishment for us.” Cozzoni said.
The team has had a good season so far putting in a lot of hard work and effort. Some of their stats include:
173 shots
21 goals scored
16 assists
“I think we are doing really good. We’ve gotten a lot of first-years this season but we’ve learned to work together and understand each other’s playing styles.” Junior Sky Delzell (outside defense) said. “Every game that we’ve played so far this season; even if we haven’t won, we’ve always been in the running for the win. We’ve kept it close, which shows that our defense is working together well to keep us up and our offense has been able to keep up in scoring.”
Hard work and effort can only go so far, without good teamwork. Teamwork is a key factor in Simpson’s success.
“I just want to make sure I can keep motivating everyone no matter where their spot is,” Delzell said, “keep the starters going but also girls that come off the bench; make sure we are giving 100% effort and elevating the team.”
Every season and team have their setbacks including injuries and only having one goalkeeper. Layna Depping is injured with a broken wrist, Cozzoni and Brooklin Froehlich have minor injuries but should be back for the next game.
Goalkeeper Brenny Frederick, has a lot on her shoulders this season but Brooklyn Scanlon and Ashley Luna stepped up to help. Both Scanlon and Luna are field players who have taken it upon themselves to focus on goal keeping in case Frederick needs to be taken out.
The team has been able to work through the challenges they have faced and get to where they want to be.
“I’m really proud of where we’ve [come] from and where we’re going.” Cozzoni said, “Honestly, this team has just shown steady positive growth and I feel like that’s something.”
October 2, Simpson starts conference games at Loras with hopes to get into the postseason.