Latino Unidos celebrates Latin Heritage Month


Colbee Cunningham

Students celebrate Mexican Independence Day on Thursday, September 16th.

by Raegan Hoffman, Staff Reporter

Latinos Unidos has been working hard to prepare for Latino Heritage Month, with several events planned around campus throughout the month and the rest of the semester—Latino Heritage Month is just getting started. 

This year’s celebration started with music and the La Rancherita food truck outside of Kent with tacos, tortas, burritos and other Mexican food available for students. 

“The objective of Hispanic Heritage Month is to recognize the stories and contributions of Hispanic Americans and share Hispanic culture,” Latinos Unidos president Wendy Soto said. 

The club hopes to be able to establish safe spaces for Latinx students on campus.

“Latinos Unidos hopes to create brave spaces for Latinx students at Simpson to share their stories by setting up discussion meetings on topics such as being a First-Generation Hispanic American, an Immigrant, and/or a Dreamer,” Soto said. 

The club also held a Mexican Independence Day celebration on Sept. 15 on the patio between Holy Grounds and Amy Robertson Hall. The celebration featured food, live music and games. 

Other events included a flag-making event in Kent Campus Center on Sept. 17. 

“We plan to share Latinx culture with Simpson College by holding events such as Mexican Independence Day and Día de Los Muertos,” Soto said. 

By engaging campus in different unique aspects of Latinx culture, the club hopes to bring awareness to the many different cultures of Latin America. 

“We plan to do smaller events such as making and serving food from different parts of Latin America,” Soto said. “For example, making Puerto Rican food and talking about its culture. It will be discussed in the meetings to come.”

Several more events are planned from September 15th through October 22nd in celebration of Latino Heritage Month. 

The Iowa Latino Heritage Festival will be held in In Des Moines on Sept. 25-26.