by Sophie Reese, Staff Reporter

Aries: You’re making great progress in your life recently, even if you don’t realize it. If you keep it up, you will accomplish big goals in your life and become super successful. Make sure to keep strong motivation, and you will do great.

Taurus: Things have been tough lately, but it is time to get back your smile. Make sure to take breaks from schoolwork and don’t forget to drink water. Always remember that nourishing your body is just as important as nourishing your mind.

Gemini: Quit being so focused on the future and start living in the moment. You will never get these college days back, so go do that thing you’ve always wanted to do and tell that person you love them.

Cancer: Take it easy on yourself. You work hard, and you need to remember that it is ok to take a break sometimes. You are on track with where you need to be in your life, so trust the process.

Leo: It’s time to learn self-love. You give so much to others, and it is time for you to do that for yourself. Being more active may help you be more in tune with your body and mind. Don’t forget to love yourself first.

Virgo: You may be feeling down this week due to this winter weather. But don’t worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just try to make the best of it until this snow blows over.

Libra: You may have just gone through a big change in your life regarding work or school. You need to know that everything will be OK. Everything happens for a reason, and you will still be successful in your future.

Scorpio: You have been keeping in your emotions way too much lately. It’s not good for your mental health to bottle up all of your feelings. It’s important to tell people how you feel. Talk about your feelings. You will feel better if you get it off your chest.

Sagittarius: The week will be a joyful one for you as long as you keep a positive attitude. Make sure to spend time with your friends and keep smiling.

Capricorn: If you are having trouble sleeping lately you must try to go to bed earlier. Having a good night of sleep is the most important foundation of how your day will be. The better your night of sleep is the better you will perform in the daytime.

Aquarius: Aquarius season is soon to be over. Try to end this season on a high note and celebrate. Focus on what makes you happy this week and do the activities that you enjoy most. This will be a great way to start off the rest of the year for you.

Pisces: You are having trouble with gaining the motivation to do schoolwork this week. Let’s not make this a habit and learn healthy ways to cope. Make to-do lists daily so you focus on one day at a time to help gain motivation.