Shop Lookin’ Sharp


by Natalie Tryon, Staff Reporter

Simpson College sophomore and student ambassador, Chloe Schoepke, is not only managing multiple college classes during a global pandemic but also managing and operating her own business, Lookin’ Sharp. 

Lookin’ Sharp was created earlier this year. It originally started as an Etsy shop where she mostly created items for friends and family members. Over the summer, she took a leap of faith and rebranded her business as well as building a brand new website to follow her dream.

“Everything you see by Lookin’ Sharp is entirely made by this one-man-show. I design, produce, package and mail all products myself,” Schoepke said.

Chloe is also incredibly grateful for the support she has received from friends and family members.

“Most of my time outside of class and my two jobs is spent researching for new items, making new digital illustrations to post, making and packaging orders, as well as designing new items in any of the free moments I have,” Schoepke said.

Schoepke’s shop sells a range of handmade products, including tees, sweatshirts, stickers, water bottles and more. 

“My favorite is the Everybody Matters hoodies,” Schoepke said. “Twenty percent of the proceeds go towards Mental Health America and the message behind them is my favorite.” 

Schoepke originally created this product in September to raise awareness and funds for national suicide prevention month. Although September has passed, she is still selling the Everybody Matters tee in hopes to continue raising more funds to donate to Mental Health America.

In addition to these items listed above, Schoepke is currently working on creating and designing new products to add to her shop, such as crewnecks and sweatshirts for the approaching frigid winter season.

“It’s great getting to make others happy by creating things that not only I love, but they do as well,” Schoepke said. 

Schoepke absolutely loves seeing Simpson students with their Lookin’ Sharp products, such as stickers on a laptop case or handmade tees, around campus.

Simpson junior Jordyn Wilson is a fan of Lookin’ Sharp. 

“I love Lookin’ Sharp,” Wilson said. “Chloe has done an amazing job creating such a cute little business that spreads such a positive message.”

To browse Lookin’ Sharp’s products or contact Schoepke, you can find her shop online at, find her at a booth in the Indianola farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, or check out her Instagram account @shoplookinsharp for a link to her online store.