Why being in the orange phase is best

by Desmond Alexander, Staff Reporter

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise all over the country, Simpson College has been doing its part to ensure that students are continuing to follow COVID-19 guidelines. These tactics include grab and go dining services, masks being required all around campus, and emergency quarantine dorms. With students moving back to college, making it eager to regroup with peers, it’s easy to forget that the U.S. is still in a nationwide pandemic. Here are three different reasons why remaining in the orange phase is the best path for Simpson College. 


1. Cases Spreading Rapidly in Other Universities 

Studies have reported Universities all over the country having a spike in cases. On Aug. 29 CNN reported that the University of Alabama had 1,200 students who tested positive for COVID-19. The CDC reported that Iowa City alone is number one for new cases over the last two weeks, Ames not far behind with 964 cases. With both Iowa City and Ames having state schools, it’s no question where the uprise is persisting. 

2. Containing a Hands-Free Environment 

With Simpson College being in the orange phase students should find it easier to practice social distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer pumps stationed all around campus, floor stickers placed 6 ft apart, and signs reminding students that we’re currently in the orange phase,  this gives small room for students to spread germs.  

3. The State of Iowa is #1 in Cases 

Since the pandemic began, the state of Iowa has remained in the top ten with rising cases and deaths. With Iowa being a state without the coronavirus lockdown orders, numbers continue to rise. It’s evident that Iowa has some work to do, so it’s up to us to keep the virus under the control.